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Customer Testimonials

After having my baby a year ago, I struggled to getting my stomach back to where it was pre-pregnancy. So I heard about Strawberry Laser and how it's non invasive and no down time. I decided to give it a try. After receiving 4 treatments of the Strawberry Laser, my results are amazing. I can tell major results from 4 treatments. Because of my results, it has motivated me to continue to workout and eat right, inorder; to maintain my results. I definitely recommend this to anyone that want to jump start their weight loss or just has some areas that they want to perfect to give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Thank you New Beginnings (Oh Baby!) 

Carmenlina White

I enjoyed the Strawberry Laser. Many times, you see different advertisements via either Facebook, junk emails, or internet pop-ups. This advanced technology is impressive, and it had been used around the world long before it was approved here for use. Ladies, this is your granted opportunity to take advantage of the awesome staff at New Beginning Comprehensive Women's Healthcare and this wonderful tool to enhance your beauty. Dr. Garrett and her staff offer excellent customer service and inviting facilities, and they enhance well-researched medical procedures that women and their families can trust. I look forward to using the Strawberry Laser to address other issues of concern. See you there! Yours truly,   

S. Carter

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