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Hormone Replacement Therapy 

SottoPelle Therapy is a unique, science-based approach to restoring key hormones to a healthy balance. The SottoPelle method uses the highest quality pellet implants to deliver the lowest possible dose of hormones into the blood stream when the body needs them. Our precision therapy works around the clock for 3 months or longer. 

Strawberry Laser 

Laser Lipo 

The all-new Strawberry Laser Lipo System is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that immediately reduces the size of fat cells without damaging or destroying them. The painless treatments are highly-effective and commonly used to treat the abdomen, back, arms, legs, “love-handles” / “muffin-tops”, buttocks and more.


Injectables and fillers

Juvederm: It’s a filler mainly used for lines around the mouth. Most of the time that means the one crease that goes from the nose to the corner of the mouth called the nasolabial fold. Juvederm is great for softening that crease.

Botox: It’s a type of injection that’s mostly used for wrinkles and lines around the eyes and the forehead. It’s popular among younger people because there’s some preventative aspect to it. What Botox is made of is a very diluted form of botulism toxin, it’s been used for 35 years in various applications in medicine

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